Wednesday, December 1, 2010

UWEP recieves criticism from skeptics

Click on the headline above to visit a site which criticizes UWEP and its mission. Considering the facts behind the project, what is your opinion? Voice it! We want to hear it!


  1. I really don't think they have a particularly legitimate point, but as a woman struggling to attend college full time (the only way I can, due to grant stipulations) while raising a one year old child I am more able to see where women are not supported enough in obtaining their higher education goals.

    The cultural expectations placed on women detract from the realistic possibility of completing a degree. It may be feminist to try and help women go back and finish college, but that doesn't mean it's anti-men.

  2. Arual, I agree. Just because we want to see more women succeed at graduating from college does not mean that we want less for the men in our state. Women, in general, have less support and struggle more with balancing family and education, and we hope to raise awareness of this. Thanks for your comment.