Thursday, March 1, 2012

Utah women's college task force provides recommendations to governor

The Utah Women's College Task Force presented critical recommendations to Governor Gary Herbert on Feb. 21 at the Utah State Capitol. Recommendations included:

Process and Accountability
1. Enlist Key State Change Agents to Lead in Implementing Recommendations
2. Create a “Hub” for Continuing Efforts to Increase Women’s Completion of Postsecondary Certificates and Degrees
3. Develop and Fund a Long-Term Social Change Media Campaign to Create a “College-going Culture” in Utah

Big Gear Initiatives
4. Expand Guidance and Counseling and Advisement Resources to Create a College-Going Culture
5. Create Women-Focused Mentoring Programs
6. Implement Strategies for Retaining Existing Female Students through Certificate and Degree Completion
7. Create Additional Flexible Attendance and Credit Maintenance Options
8. Identify Increased Support for Campus-Based and Community-Based Women’s Resources that Support College Completion
9. Support Enrollment Growth Funding
10. Identify Additional Financial Support Focusing on New and Continuing Female Students

To read the entire report, click on the headline of this post.

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